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The NTI Visualiser spurned from the first thematic academic bibliography on Humanistic Buddhism. The idea of allowing researchers to not only build their own bibliography, but further explore and quickly grasp its content was an attempt to allow a more dynamic approach to the Humanistic Buddhism Bibliography's content.

Proudly sponsored by the Hsing Yun Education Foundation and oversaw by Nantien Insitute, Australia, the web app is conceived and designed to help researchers in all fields to build their own bibliography and visualise their contents.


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NTI Humanistic Buddhism Bibliography

  • 668 English Language Academic Publications
  • 1940 to 2019
  • Compiled by Nantien Institute, Australia
  • Visualiser here

Advisory Panel

Academic Advisors

Technical Advisors

Lewis Lancaster
Professor Emeritus
UC Berkeley
Charles Muller
Musashino University
Jieh Hsiang
National Taiwan University
Howie Lan
UC Berkeley
Alex Amies

Executive Team

Dr. Ven. Shi Juewei
Humanistic Buddhism Centre,
Nantien Institute
William Chong
D'Linkup Pte. Ltd.

Sponsor and Partners

Hsing Yun Education Foundation, Australia

Nantien Institute, Australia

Fo Guang Shan Institute of Humanistic Buddhism